XL Quick Fist Installation Instructions

1. The two pieces of the clamp must be mounted with each side facing as illustrated and with the arrows on each base facing each other. Use four #10 bolts or screws and appropriate size washers to fasten each base. Do not over tighten.

2. If you are mounting a cylinder, make sure the bottom is on a floor, deck or shelf. Alternatively, support it with a piece of angle iron or wood block (see illustration). This makes it easier to tighten the straps with two hands.

3. Mount the base so that the strap is parallel to the outside edge of whatever you are holding.

4. The “ladder” half of the clamp can be stretched up to about an inch by pulling on the strap (NOT the ladder “steps” or cross pieces) in several places along its length.

5. If you are holding a cylinder, tighten by putting the “jaw” half through the tightest “ladder” section and then pull the two halves in opposing directions. If your tightening a rectangular piece of equipment, you need to push the “ladder” half as far as possible while keeping the “jaw”section flat.